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Brentwood landscaper Crenshaw's ponds, waterfalls, and streams not only bring the soothing sounds of water to your home, they can also raise your property value. The micro eco-system that evolves within your pond also offers an excellent source of outdoor education and entertainment for your family and friends.
Whether yours is a fully shaded property or one baked by the sun, we can create a perfect outdoor landscape. Each pond and stream is custom built, eliminating the "out of the box" look that many filtration systems and current construction have.
Water features can be serene and calm or breathtaking and dramatic . Either way, our experienced installers and knowledgeable staff will exceed your expectations when transforming your yard into a private oasis, custom designed for your lifestyle.
Come home and relax by your new pond and enjoy the sound of water gently splashing over the rocks where your colorful Koi are happily awaiting you. Koi and fish are not only pleasing to watch but they are an essential key to keeping the pond's ecosystem balanced. The addition of aquatic plants makes you feel like your living in a tropical retreat. We will create a backyard paradise for you that has the power to transform the trials and tensions of the everyday world into patience and serenity.
Incorporating a pond and a stream into a yard requires careful planning and placement in order for it to appear as it would in nature. Ponds are easily maintained once established and the rewards of a well-kept pond are priceless.
Let Crenshaw help you design the perfect water system for your landscape.