Make sure your landscape plan is successful! The success of a landscaping project is directly tied to following a well through out process. Over the years, our customers have found that the following approach to planning a landscape project yields the best results.

We work with our customers to ensure that every element of the planning process leads directly to making sure your landscape plan is successful. By understanding the timing of the project to the details of the materials and landscaping to be used you can be confident that the project will meet and exceed your expectations.

  1. Determine the scope of your project.

    You should be as specific as possible. First, identify the areas of your yard in which the work will be done (e.g., backyard). Then describe the nature of the project (e.g., add raised flower bed with paver walkway from patio to raised bed and perennial flowering shrubs).

  2. Establish your budget.

    While it is hard to establish the final cost of a project at this stage, if you have a fixed amount to spend you should make that known to your contractor. If you don’t have a fixed amount, it is best to provide a range that you’d be comfortable spending.

  3. Create a drawing of the work to be done.

    If you have created a drawing of what you want the project to look like, share it with your contractor as early as possible. If you have not created one yourself, your contractor should be able to create a drawing based on your description.

  4. Identify the landscaping and/or hardscaping materials to be used.

    In this phase, we will work with you to finalize the specific materials and/or plant types that will be used in for your project. We can help you evaluate different options.

  5. Get a quote for the project.

    We will provide a details quote for the project and will adjust it to meet your budget as necessary.

  6. Understand the timeline for starting and completing the project.

    Based on the size of the project and the time of the year, we will provide a timeline for your project.