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How We Work


How We Approach Clients

  • Your goals are important to us. We commit to bring all of our strengths to the table for your project including our business experience, communication and listening skills, common sense, ability to navigate complexities, reason, passion, and our sense of people and sense of humor.
  • Every client and every project is unique, but there are certain steps that are vital in serving every client and creating successful project outcomes.
  • We want to understand the background, or situation and taking the additional time needed to understand the client's context helps us put their issues first as we work towards the best solution.
  • We seek to define the priorities of the project and focus on them. Sometimes the issue is not at first appears to be. Our open mind and observant attitude helps us to help define the priorities.
  • Our goal is to create a plan that works by breaking the project into achievable steps with reasonable time parameters.
  • We address the budget with your priorities in mind. We want you to match the priorities of the work according to your budget for the project.

Expected Results

When you commit to working with us you can expect to see the desired solutions to your problems areas, quality workmanship and knowledgeable and caring employees.

  • We guarantee our plant material for one year. All of our work is guaranteed from drainage to hardscapes and water features.
  • We attract and retain the best employees by creating an environment that challenges them to be their best.
  • We go the extra mile to make sure your project meets or exceeds your expectations.

What We Care About

We bring our point of view, a philosophy to what we do. Here are some of the beliefs that color what we do.

  • Our goal is create the best possible outcome.
  • We believe there is a right way to do things.
  • We believe in using the highest quality plants and materials.
  • We are proud of our work and care about our clients.

How We Are Different from Other Landscape Companies

Just as we bring our own values to our work, we also bring our own unique experiences and lessons learned. Some of our experiences are below.

  • Chris is an Eagle Scout and Order of the Arrow Brotherhood recipient.
  • Chris Graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Engineering Science
  • Chris has 20 years experience in the residential landscape field and 4 years in commercial landscape installation and management.
  • Crenshaw Landscaping has won 6 awards for Best in Show at the Antiques and Garden Show of Nashville for their display gardens designed by Stephen Wells.
  • Crenshaw Landscaping has won the Super Service Award for 3 years from Angie's List members.
  • Crenshaw Landscaping has maintained a top “A” rating among Angie's List members.


  • Call or email to set a time to meet at your property to discuss and review your needs and prioritize projects.
  • Determining a budget is important in this planning stage. Most people are unaware of normal landscape costs. We can discuss a ballpark dollar range for each task on your project list to help you decide how to prioritize your budget .
  • Once we determine which projects to get serious about, we will invest the time to produce a quote for each project element. This can take several hours of office time and should be ready within a day or two for you to review by email.
  • The quote is submitted for your review to make sure we have understood and have included all of the necessary elements, colors, sizes and quantities of materials. Often a sketch is presented to help explain the location and relationships of the materials quoted. Further adjustment of plant quantities, cultivars and changes can be made at this time to tweak the budget if necessary.
  • Project that are bigger than the available budget can be divided into phases over an extended time to closer match the availability of the budget and other priorities. Different elements can be phased in over the next 6 months to a year or more to allow the budget to catch up. We can provide advice on which elements to include in each phase based on construction practices and growing season. A realistic landscape budget can be from 5% to 10% of your home's value.
  • To begin work on your project we need a signed copy of the proposal submitted. This way we know you have reviewed the proposal and are satisfied with all that is included. We also need a deposit payment that is 40% of the total project cost. The remaining balance will be due at the completion of the job.
  • We accept credit cards for payment as well as checks and cash, whichever is most convenient to you.
  • A one year guarantee is provided for all of our plant material to make sure they are thriving in your landscape. We stand behind all of our work from drainage to ponds to patios. We craft our projects to last the test of time and think you will be satisfied with the quality of our work. We put quality effort and have pride in all of our projects.


You can browse through our photo gallery of our past projects you might find inspiring. You will see that project sizes vary across the board. If you find a photo that you like, we are sure that we can incorporate that idea or something similar that will custom fit your site. All of our projects were developed from an initial plan and customized to enhance the client's outdoor living space.